Wedding Singer Booking Checklist

Never booked a wedding singer before? It can be a challenge especially if this is the first time you are holding such an event. Let us look at a quick ten-step checklist that will ease the process and make everything smooth for your big day.

Come up With a Budget

This is one of the hardest parts of the whole process. In a wedding, each cent is accounted for. Write down a suitable price according to what you can spare. In this case, you need to write down the minimum amount and the maximum you can pay for the service. This will give you a price range that you can work with.

You need to know what factors come into play when the singer comes up with the fees. The fees might vary depending on the venue of the wedding, the estimated time of performance and other factors. Make sure you check out the total price very carefully to identify hidden charges.

Ask Questions

Once you come up with a budget, you need to ask questions. First, make sure you know how the musician operates. Ask for testimonials and if possible, call some people who have experience with the singer first hand. You can get a lot of info by just going to the website of the wedding singer and getting the information you need. The singer will also be more than happy to have a chat with you about the upcoming wedding and share your ideas and get his take. You can even meet with a singer long before the event, try TheWeddingSinger!

Confirm The Availability

You shouldn’t just assume that the singer will be available the day you need them – you should confirm availability first. After you share your ideas, you need to tell him to slot you into the schedule so that you don’t lose out. You might have to pay a deposit to show your seriousness. If this is the case, then pay so that you are assured of the musician’s availability on that day.

Come Up With a Schedule

You need to come up with a schedule detailing how the event will run. Have a step-by-step description of the activities and the duration of time for each activity. The musician usually plays “sets” that run for several minutes with short breaks in between. The performances will also depend on the different activities you have planned for the wedding.

Therefore, determine how many sets you want for the day and the type of music you want for each set. The breaks will be for the musician to change the song or have something to eat or as necessary.

Work Hand in Hand With the Wedding Planner

You need to communicate your decisions with the wedding planner. Give him your agreements and let them know how the musician comes in. Let the planner confirm the rules and regulations that the venue has regarding music.

The musician will communicate to you regarding the music equipment that he needs and expects you to have these items ready before the D-day. The wedding planner will organize for the equipment and handle space requirements on your behalf.

Communicate Special Requests in Advance

You need to consider the age range and preferences of your wedding guests to come up with the right type of music for the event. This is true if you want to have everyone entertained. Consider the special groups and get special requests from interested parties. Give the musician as much notice as possible so that he has time to prepare and practice the songs before the big day.

Complete the Paperwork

You need to sign the various agreements with the musician so that you have a clear working procedure. The musician usually signs a contract that you provide which puts everything you have talked about in writing. Make sure the contract outlines clearly the date of the event, the time, the number of sets, and the venue address and payment terms. If you put down a deposit, don’t forget to indicate this fact in the contract as well as the balance of payment.

Appoint the Contact Person

You need to have a contact person for the day to make sure everything goes as planned. The person you choose should be trustworthy and responsible enough. Introduce this contact person to the musician and the wedding planner, so that they are all in sync.

Give The Musician The Itinerary

The musician usually comes with a vehicle carrying the requirements for the wedding event. Make sure you know the layout of the venue and identify a suitable entrance for their use. Additionally, you need to communicate to them the exact time of arrival so that he can get time to set up for the performance. You also need to do the same for the reception venue.

Organize for Payment

The payment schedule will depend on your agreement with the musician. Know the amount you have to pay and when you are supposed to clear it. You should also know the mode of payment so that you are prepared in advance.

Hire a Musician for Your Wedding

Having the right music for your wedding will make the event fun and amazing. Take care to have a checklist when getting the musician. Follow these steps right from coming up with a budget to the point you pay the final amount so that the process flows smoothly.