The Best Microwave for Popcorn


It was the middle of summer, and out of nowhere my microwave died. One moment I was looking forward to a hot meal, and the next thing I knew my microwave started making these strange sounds before fading to a whiny death.

At first, I thought it was my outlet, but after unplugging and plugging the cord a few times with no luck I had to accept the truth. I’m not exaggerating when I tell you that was the saddest day of my life.

I couldn’t let the food go to waste, however, so I took my cold food out of there and proceeded to force it down. The phrase “eat now, taste later” played in my head. I regretted not pulling out a pan to reheat my food, but who has time for that when you’re hungry? Plus, I wasn’t in the mood to wash extra dishes when I was feeling so miserable.

To keep my mind off of the unappetizing food, I pulled out my phone and started searching for a new microwave. I found great advice and helpful information here at Oven Shopper. Who knew there were microwaves that would be better for older customers? I even learned that there’s a microwave that has baking capabilities. Now I’ve seen it all.

At first, I wanted to replace my old microwave with the exact same one I had before, since I was familiar with it. Unfortunately, it was a much older model, so it was no longer in production. While I was saddened by this discovery, I also realized that now I had the chance to upgrade to a microwave that had features my old one lacked, such as a working popcorn function.

One thing that always bothered me about my old microwave was the fact that it always burned popcorn. You’d think the popcorn button on a microwave would do what it’s supposed to do. This wasn’t just a one-time occurrence. I’m talking about this happening every single time.

In case you’re wondering, I did try lowering the power and such, but nothing seemed to work. It got so bad that I had to stand near the microwave in order to pause the timer before the popcorn got scorched.

Eventually, I got used to doing this, but I didn’t like that my method left many kernels whole, which meant I’d have to make multiple batches in order to have a sufficient amount of popcorn for movie watching.

As I read through the pros and cons for the various microwaves, my eyes lit up when I came upon one that addressed my popcorn issue. Of course, I appreciated the other features that met my requirements, but I’ll admit I wanted that microwave in particular because of its popcorn function.

I don’t normally make quick decisions, but I needed a microwave as soon as possible, so I placed the order. A few days later it arrived. Seeing that sleek appliance on my counter seemed to brighten my entire kitchen.

Once I plugged it in, can you guess what I tried out first? You’d better believe I tested the popcorn function. I figured if the new microwave couldn’t fulfill its promise I’d simply return it.

I held my breath as I closed the door and hit the popcorn button. About twenty seconds later the popcorn started popping. I expected black smoke and burning smells to reach me, but none of that happened.

Once the rapid popping stopped, I carefully pulled the bag out of the microwave, avoiding the steam area. I checked the bottom of the bag. It looked promising. Then I checked the inside of the bag and was surprised to discover the sheer number of popped kernels in there.

I dumped it all out into my usual popcorn bowl. The bowl overflowed. With the exception of a handful of kernels, everything else was fully popped. I may have shouted with joy at this moment, although I’m not sure because my mouth was full of popcorn at this point.

Why did I suffer so long with my old microwave? Just because it worked didn’t mean that it truly made my life more convenient. I know a microwave is supposed to just heat your food, but if you have a model that makes your life easier in other ways, that’s the one to keep.