The Best Kitchen Cabinet Fittings

A kitchen is the room where most people cook, eat and relax with friends and family, but having a modern and beautiful kitchen is just as important as making it functional. Kitchen fittings come in a large variety of options and designs, and choosing them for your cabinets will help you access your cooking tools, dishes and other food items easily.

Kitchen cabinet fittings come with helpful accessories which will make the time spent there more enjoyable because any member of the family, regardless of age or height, will be able to reach all items when needed.

Drawers or shelves

Choosing the right type of fittings depends on your budget and the available kitchen space, so if you want to remodel your kitchen, improve its functionality or even plan a new one from scratch, kitchen fitters in London can help make cooking and daily chores more enjoyable.

Drawer accessories and styles are endless, so if you want maximum organization, you should choose kitchen cabinets with many drawers because you will need them to store different items; it is recommended to avoid doors on cabinets, because the contents will be harder to reach and you will have to bend down each time you need something in there, even though some people prefer the traditional look that doors provide. Drawers are easier to use, take less space, and their contents are easier to reach. If you are getting some drawers for your dishes, make sure they come with glides or rollers to support all the weight. Such drawers should be placed near your sink or the dishwasher for easier access. Moreover, when it comes to heavy dishes you can also use a pegboard to organize, store and rearrange them better. Placing heavy items on upper shelves or cabinets can be dangerous because if you are too short, you won’t be able to see what you are doing and can accidentally knock down a stack of plates that may cause injuries.

Also, don’t forget about the handles you are going to choose for the drawers; they should be sleek and short to prevent clothing from getting caught. You should also opt for pulls instead of knobs because they can be easily used by anyone, including children.

Using traditional shelves that roll out when you open the door can help you maximize accessibility and efficiency, and many people choose them instead of drawers. Most base cabinets can accommodate two or three shelves and can be made of wood, chrome or plastic, depending on the size and weight of the items.