State of the Art Exercise Rowing Machines


The exercise rowing machines more widely known as “indoor rower” or simply “rowing machines” are exercise machines that mimics the operation of boat propulsion in water through the use of oars. The term indoor rower also means that the participants who perform the activity of actual boat rowing. Quite ironically, it has become an indoor sport in its own right.  These machines are also popularly known as “ergometers” which basically is a device that is utilized to measure the energy that is produced by burning of human body calories during physical exercise.

Resistance Types in Indoor Rowers

In terms of resistance functionality, the indoor rower can be categorized into two different types that are given in the following. The details and reviews of these various exercise machines can be found on this webpage

  1. Piston Resistance:

This type of indoor rowers can be easily identified as each of these rowing machine is fitted with a hydraulic cylinder that contains a piston providing resistance for the to and fro motion of the rower. If you are looking for a rower that is compact and inexpensive then this type of rower is a good bargain. Another advantage of these models are that in most cases the handle length is quite adjustable. These type of machines are good for beginners and elderly people as the trajectory of hands during the rowing motion is fixed and most such models also have a fixed seats ruling out the leg work that the professionals use in actual competitive rowing practices. One downside of this design is that the stroking action is less accurate compared to actual boat rowing. There are other types of models that offer resistance in other ways that are deemed more accurate in terms of simulation of real boat rowing.

  1. Flywheel Resistance (with Brakes):

This type of resistance rowing machines has three types that offer magnetic, air and water resistance. The main component is a flywheel that is connected with the handle via a strap, chain or a rope providing resistance to the user. The trajectory of the hands and arms in vertical dimension is more accurate when it comes to emulation of the real motion of an athlete rowing a boat. These somewhat noisy equipment has other plus points, most of these models have sliding seats that makes the motion of the user closer to real competitive on the water boats and provides a vigorous workout to the legs of the user as the seat can slide to and fro.

The details of the three types of indoor rowing machines based on flywheel resistance is further divided into three categories magnetic, air and water resistance as mentioned before.The details are given below.

  1. Magnetic Resistance:  The resistance of these models are controlled by electromagnets that is coupled with a mechanical brake. These models built with magnetic resistance technology is a lot more silent compared with other Braked Flywheel resistance type models. This type of equipment has constant resistance but the brake resistance is adjustable and the energy burned during the workout of the user can be measure with less accuracy than the machines with other braked flywheel machines but certainly it is more accurate than rowing machines with piston resistance. If you are looking for a machine that is more accurate to provide you simulation of the actual rowing workout than you should go for designs with air or water resistance that you will find out in the coming readings. The workout on magnetic resistance is less intensive but the harder the handle is pulled the more resistance builds up because of the electromagnets.
  2. Air Resistance: The air resistant models are used by professional sportsmen rowers and competitive indoor rowers. These machines have flywheels built with fins similar to that of a fan. A vent can be adjusted to control the flow of air that in turn configures resistance and the dissipation of energy is calculated more accurately compared to any previously described model.
  3. Water Resistance: These model has a resistance provided by a revolving paddle inside an attached and enclosed water tank. The makers and advocates of the water resistance indoor rowers claim that these types offer to provide the most realistic simulation and thus the most accurate measurement of energy consumed by the body a user of this machine while being away from the actual activity of boat rowing in the actual environment.    

You can select any model that may complement your lifestyle and pocket. The significance of this type of exercise is marked with its being a device of an ergometric measurements benchmark for people who have included excerise in their daily exercise.