Simple Steps To Play Your Bass Guitar

Bass guitars are an important part in any musical group since they can improve the way in which a song sounds. No matter if you are interested in a career in the musical field or just want to play a guitar for your entertainment, playing bass guitars properly takes hard work and practice.

Choose the proper guitar

First, purchase your own guitar to practice whenever you feel like it. Bass guitars come in a large variety of models, but since you are a beginner, and since it is very likely you will not see the difference between two or more models, it is recommended to choose an affordable item that looks good and feels comfortable. Then, consider the type of bass each one provides. As the name suggests, bass guitars can have electric or acoustic basses, depending on the type of music you want to learn to play. Most beginners choose the electric bass as it is more affordable, but an acoustic bass is more suitable for jazz, ballads and other types of classical music.

The next step is to amplify your sound by purchasing an amplifier. Cheaper amplifiers should work fine, but consider those that come with headphone output options if you want to practice no matter the hour without disturbing your family and neighbors.

Knowing what notes your instrument can produce is essential for any good bass player, so make sure to practice each note and learn how to play them in scales. The easiest way to do this is to learn a song, identify the notes and scales in it and practice them every day. Even if you can mimic what you see in a video, having knowledge of what your guitar can do will allow you to learn and play any song, and gradually improve your playing because you will know what scales go with what keys and which notes are contained by a certain key. Studying music theory and learning how to play following different notes is useful especially if you will have to play with other musicians.

There are many ways to learn how to play a guitar: you can take guitar lessons, read books with guitar playing instructions or check the Internet and watch videos specially made for beginners where you will be taught simple learning techniques. However, private lessons may be the best idea if your plan is to become a pro.