Mommy Makeover – Some Deep Insights About This Cosmetic Surgery

Women after the pregnancy go through a colossal hormonal change that has a great impact on their appearance and makes them look a bit dull. After pregnancy, they seem to look older than their partner which may create a sense of insecurity amongst the women. They suddenly get to observe that their weight goes up by several pounds and several signs begin to appear on the face and other parts and their skin becomes a touch shabby.

But the medical world has a solution to all these problems as there are multiple surgical treatments that are available there to help women to get back their younger self after the surgery. The combination of treatments that are used for rediscovering the old look is called mommy makeover and Jim Firouz is one of the famed doctors or more blatantly an expert at these makeovers.

The mommy makeover surgery can help you to defy all the skin problems and get a revitalized look which will help you get applauds from all corners. There are multiple surgeries that are performed in the mommy makeover and here are some brief points about them:

Tummy Tuck:

One of the common problems that almost all the women experience after the pregnancy is the increase in tummy size. So, that’s why it is often the first step of the surgery in which the body fold is lifted and mass is removed then the edges are cut to make it smoother and more charming. This helps greatly as a tummy is always a black mark on your beauty and it’s better to get rid of it.


The most important part of the surgery is liposuction in which mass blocks are removed from various body parts. In the recent times, doctors also make use of laser injections and radioactive therapy to minimize the pain and duration of the therapy. There are various benefits of laser lipo like you are fit and fine after the operation and can resume your work as soon as it is done.

But, it is not as effective as surgery and multiple rounds of laser lipo are needed for removal of substantial fat and thus women after pregnancy do not take a great liking to this and revert to the surgery instead. But after the surgery, there are certain precautions that are needed to be followed to reap the best rewards:

  • The first thing is that you need to wear the corset for a week and shall restrict yourself to bed for 48 to 72 hours after the surgery.
  • Even after a week, you shall not indulge yourself in any heavy work and give it a miss for atleast a month or so in order to avoid opening of the stitches that can have a drastic impact on your health.

Right time to take body makeover

You can take the mommy makeover services once you have grown children and now atleast for the next few years you do not want to get pregnant. You can sit with the expert to know the right time when you can take the body makeover session.