Make a Smooth Transition from Acoustic to Electronic Drum Sets

The switch from an acoustic drum set to electric drum set comes with a certain learning curve. Luckily for you, electric drum technology has advanced over the years and you won’t have a big challenge achieving this switch. Not only will you get to transform to high quality instruments, but you will also fail to notice a big metamorphosis between the two varieties.

Why Switch?

Maybe you have decided to switch permanently from acoustic to an electronic set, or you just want to expand your horizons. Either way, it is ideal that you understand what you are getting into and try to make it successful.

The Electronic Drum Set: what Should You Expect?

With these drums, you are getting a set that is designed to fit into compact spaces. You are well aware that the acoustic drum set depends on the materials and size of individual drums to produce the sound you crave for. Electronic drum sets produce the same level of sound but come in smaller sizes. The reason behind this is because these sets produce sounds electronically. This makes it best for limited spaces.

Get ready for a wide range of sounds. The electronic set makes use of a component called a module. The module is a tiny computer chip that stores programmed sounds. The chip allows you to program the sounds to get a wider variety. This module makes this electronic set ideal if you play a wide genre of music.

Traditionally, you had to soundproof your music room and get the best equipment on the market to capture each beat from the drum set. Listen – with electronic drum sets you don’t have to spend a dime on expensive equipment because you are sorted. All you need to do is connect the set directly to the sound mixer or computer and the sound transmission happens automatically. Recording this music is flawless because the sound that you get is authentic and of unmatched quality.

Have you been at loggerheads with your neighbors or family members due to the loud sound from the acoustic drum set? Say goodbye to the arguments because electronic drum sets give you a chance to regulate the volume. You can lower the volume to a level that is loud enough for you to practice but not too noisy for the person next door.

Finally, these sets are lightweight and easy to carry around. Assembling and disassembling the set is also quick, helping you save on time and making them fitting for last-minute gigs. The set also comes with additional features such as the ability to incorporate additional sound effects, a feature missing in acoustic drum sets.

However, before you take a step towards owning an electronic drum set, you need to know how to choose the right one for your needs.

Picking the Right Electronic Drum Set

You can smoothly transition from an acoustic experience to a more rewarding electronic sound by picking a set that will sound amazing. Here are a few tips to consider.

Pick the Right Drum Heads

The size of the drum heads make it easier or harder for you to transition. Some heads will sound more acoustic than others.

The Pedals

You need pedals that mimic the ones you have been used to. If the pedals are harder or softer than what you are used to it might prove a challenge getting used to them. If you receive the drum set and the pedal doesn’t work for you, try an aftermarket one designed to your specifications.

Ask for Recommendations

Research is vital, it gives you a peek into what might and might not work. One of the ways to find the perfect set is to consult with experts. Check out these new tips for starters as you consider the options you have.

Let The Drums Roll!

Switching from acoustic to electronic drums doesn’t only benefit you – your neighbors and housemate will get some relief. Electronic drum sets come with numerous benefits to take your music experience to another level.  For instance, you don’t have to lug a heavy set of drums from one gig to the next due to the reduction in size and weight. However, make sure you take great care when choosing the right drum set for your needs.