Getting Healthy During My Pregnancy

Sometimes momentous events are the catalysts we need to change our lives.

When I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I wanted to make sure I stayed as healthy as possible.

This was an alien concept because health wasn’t a big part of my lifestyle. I considered myself healthy because I ate mostly nutritious foods. However, I had a sedentary job and home life. I was thin, but I was tired all the time.

One of my friends took great care of herself during her pregnancy, and that inspired me to do the same when my time came.

By thinking of my baby, I was able to have the motivation and discipline I needed to control my junk food cravings. I even started exercising for the first time since my school days.

I wasn’t sure what program to use, but I knew it had to be something I could do at home. I considered going to the gym, but I wanted to get used to exercising in the comfort of my own home first.

Thanks to GetRippedAtHome, I learned about the benefits of PiYo. It sounded perfect: it was great for a beginner like me. It would be challenging, but it would also keep me in shape during my pregnancy. I especially liked the low impact exercises that would help my flexibility and strength.

One aspect that surprised me about the program was the fun dance and martial arts mixed in there. After a few times, I actually began to enjoy working out. Seeing positive results kept me going as well.

I loved the energy I was gaining. I felt much better than before I had gotten pregnant.

When my energy levels waned during the third trimester, I considered quitting altogether. Some days it was a struggle just to get dressed for work. But I had worked too hard to give up. Instead, I modified my workouts, sometimes shortening them based on how I was feeling that particular day.

At that point, my husband joked with me that I was addicted to working out. I couldn’t deny that it was an activity I felt I needed to do every day to feel complete. Plus, after I finished the session, I felt so wonderful. My mind felt clear and calm, and my body felt like it could take on the world.

I was sad when my doctor told me I needed to pause my workouts because my due date was so close.

When I went into labor and delivered a healthy baby girl, I was surprised at how quickly I recovered.

I wouldn’t say labor was easy, but compared to the horror stories my mom and girlfriends had told me, I was prepared for the worst. I know without a doubt that doing my best to take care of my body contributed to my recovery.

Once the baby was born, I threw myself into caring for her. Motherhood was so new. Here was this person who was completely dependent on me for everything. I was overwhelmed with love and joy.

When my doctor allowed me to start exercising again, I was so excited. The sleepless nights and aches in my body were unfamiliar, but the thought of strengthening my body again felt as familiar as an old friend.

My first workout after having the baby didn’t go so well. I felt so uncoordinated and tired quickly. Plus, the baby wanted my attention a few times as well.

Then I learned to work out during the baby’s naps. I’d get in twenty to thirty minutes here and there so that by the end of the day I actually completed the entire session. I considered this a win.

As my body continued to recover, it also started getting stronger. I developed a routine and habits that helped me improve on the exercises and allowed me to be a mom to my baby.

Choosing to take care of myself was the best decision for my baby. She helped me do something that was difficult, but it was worth it to have the lifestyle I always wanted but didn’t know how to achieve.

If you’re looking to make a lifestyle change, it’s never too late. Start small, be consistent, and be patient.