Four Great Entertainment Room Ideas

So you’ve got the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, dining room, living room, attic, and basement. You’ve spent the last ten years fitting out each one, making sure that it fulfills those childhood dreams of the perfect home and trying to keep the kids from ruining the look you’re trying to achieve with their toys. What about an entertainment room? Your husband wants a place to himself, and you want somewhere that you can go when you need some time out, so you’re down to fighting over who gets to monopolize the basement for these purposes. Why not transform your basement into an entertainment room, full of things that both you and your husband enjoy doing which in turn can be used to enjoy with close friends and family when you host? It’s the perfect space for it. Here are four excellent things you could put in an entertainment room.

Game Table

The chances are that your significant other enjoys winding down with a couple of beers, some sports on TV, and maybe a game or two of poker with their friends. It’s a great way to wind down and be social at the same time, prompting a relaxed atmosphere that doesn’t require you to get out of the house and spend a fortune on drinking in bars. Investing in a game table is one of the first things to consider when turning your basement into an entertainment room because it can be used for so many different things. This can be as basic as a round wooden table or as sophisticated as one designed specifically for poker with drawers and slots to match. When it isn’t being used for poker, it can also be used for scrabble, or bridge, or just sitting around and socializing.

Home Arcade

Most people have fond, nostalgic memories of going down to the local gaming arcade and spending what was left of their pocket money playing games with their friends. All those classic car-racing games on the arcade machines and the basketball hoops where you competed against your friends – those were the good old days. The second thing you should consider when building an entertainment room is a home arcade. Your friends will love the thought of being taken back to the good times, and it’s a fun way to bring out your inner child when you get some time away from your children. Most home arcades come with multiple games so that if you get bored of one, you can always give others a try – plus if you’ve got one in your home, you don’t have to worry about spending all your spare change on it. Check out for some excellent home arcade reviews.

Dart Board

One thing people enjoy doing when going out on the town is finding the popular dive bars that have dartboards. Usually, if it’s a weekend night you have to fight people over getting a place and turning it into a friendly night of competition with your friends – but if you’ve got one in your entertainment room, you don’t have to. A dart board is another novelty enjoyed on those weekends out that you don’t have to leave the house for if you’ve got one – and you can even get the kids involved in a competition during the week on those quieter evenings. It gives your guests something else to do, especially if the poker table is already full and somebody is deep into playing a game on the home arcade – it is an entertainment room, after all.

A Pool Table

One more classic game that is often enjoyed at a bar on a night out is pool. Pool is an excellent social game that gets people together, and a great icebreaker if you’re having new guests over that you’re just getting to know. Getting a pool table as a central feature of the entertainment room will complete the look, giving you more than enough things to keep you and your friends entertained when they come over for a casual drink or an evening meal. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who didn’t enjoy indulging in the occasional game of pool.

There often comes a time in life where you think you have everything you want in your home, but for some reason, there’s a hole that you can’t seem to fill. You love entertaining guests but don’t feel like you’re the best host you could be, and your kids are getting into the teenage years, requiring more things to do than ever. Taking advantage of space in a basement and turning it into an extra room to make the most of will complete your dream home, and save you money finding a babysitter every weekend to get away for a bit.