Different Types Of Juicers And Their Features

Juicing vegetables and fruits is considered to be a healthy habit. You can enjoy delicious flavor of fruits and goodness of different vegetables by juicing. Drinking juice of vegetables and fruits on regular basis is very beneficial for an individual’s health. Most vegetables lose nutrients after cooking. You can provide essential nutrients to your body with vegetable juices. If you love to drink and make juices, you should definitely buy a good juicer. Juicers are available in different brands, models, sizes and colors in the market. You can find best juicers here at Juicer Cruiser.

Auger style

Auger style juicers are popularly known as cold press juicers. This type of juicer is quite expensive. This juicer crushes and mashes the vegetables and fruits to produce a good juice. Auger style juicers are widely used nowadays. Auger juicers come in different types such as single auger juicer and twin auger juicer.

Centrifugal juicers

Centrifugal juicers mash the fruits and vegetables and then they take the juice out of the pulp. When the juice is produced, it directly flows out from the juicer to the cup. You don’t have to bring the juice out of the juicer container.


Different juicers have different features. If you want to get the best juicer, you should choose according to the features listed below-

  • Simplicity – When it comes to the accessibility, you should go for the simplest one. You should buy the juicer that has fewer parts that can be cleaned easily. Moreover, it should be easy to use for different users. Most juicers provide comfortable and quick juicing.
  • Efficiency – Efficiency is utmost important feature to consider when it comes to investing in a juicer. You should buy the juicer that can extract higher amount of juice in a short time. It should have larger sized pulp container.
  • Multipurpose – Choose the juicer that can be used for multiple purposes such as for producing juice, grinding coffee beans, nuts and spices. Though these types of juicers are comparatively quite expensive than others but they are more efficient and beneficial than other types of juicers that are not for multipurpose.
  • Low noise – Juicers usually make a very loud noise while extracting juice. There are some models of juicers that produce very low noise while functioning. You should go for this juicer model.
  • Safety features – Juicers usually work with electricity. Hence, there are chances to get electric shock. Hence, you should opt for the one that is well equipped with the safety features.
  • Reliability – You should opt for the juicer that offers reliability. It should have good quality parts that do not get damages easily. The motor of the juicer should be powerful enough to provide you best vegetable and fruit juices.
  • Speed – You should choose the juicer model that offers variable speed. You can adjust the speed of the juicer according to the requirement. For harder vegetables and juice, you can set the highest speed in the juicer while for softer ones; you can set the slow speed of juicing.