An upright vacuum cleaner and its features

Among all vacuum cleaners, upright vacuum machine is the most popular. It consists of a rotating brush and a bar of a beater which assists in cleaning by a combination of both sweeping and vibrating. Its popularity should never blind you in purchasing without deep consideration of the features. Some features are a must have to enhance its functionality:

Power of suction

Suction power determines quality and speed of cleaning. Upright cleaners are known to have high power than the rest because of additional accessories that come with it. Accessories that help the power of suction are upholstery brush, crevice tool and round brush which necessitates brushing. The above are basic in any cleaner, so refrain from an upright vacuum that consists of so many additional accessories; it might be a way of increasing costs.

These powerful uprights are best for carpet cleaning, especially if there are pets around. Pet hair is hard to remove so opt for upright vacuums whose design suits pet hair removal.

Attachment tools

These are tools that come with the vacuum to help in cleaning hard to reach areas. They are extensions that assist in the easy cleaning of corners and stairs. The hose and suction extensions are best if an upright cleaner has long ones, it will ensure coverage of large areas.

Upright vacuum size

Upright vacuum cleaners vary a lot in sizes, purchase according to the area you intend to clean. There are lightweights designed for small chores and larger models intended to facilitate large homes cleaning. The difference is not mainly on the body size but the dust capacity and cords length. Small and lightweight upright vacuums tend to have short cords and small size of the dust; large cleaners are much heavier with long hose extensions and large dust capacity.

Options to facilitate bare-floor and brush agitators

Some surfaces in a house lack carpet, so a vacuum cleaner that has options to turn off or on the beater is the best to purchase. Rotating brush is usually used to remove dislodging dirt on carpets, ones used on bare-floor means destroying the surface. An upright should be easily adjustable to clean bare or smooth floors. Length adjustment should be easy to avoid time wasting while cleaning. Control of agitator brush ensures an ample use of upright cleaner around the home.

Filtration type of upright vacuum

In any cleaner, there must be a kind of filtration, and there are two;

  • Microfiltration.
  • High-Efficiency Particulate Arresting filtration (HEPA).

When selecting the best filtration, it depends on user’s preference. Those who have dust allergies, asthmatic or wish to have clean, fresher air should go for an upright which consists of HEPA filtration, it makes sure there are no dust particles in the air during vacuuming.

Availability of dirt sensors and smooth turn off or on switch

Dirt sensor is an additional accessory on vacuums. It enables the vacuum to notify its user when it can no longer pick dust even when the area is not clean. It is a tool that helps users to check and maintain the vacuum cleaners regularly. Make sure the switch is easily reachable to avoid stress while using. Some are always on the power suction others on the levers where you turn using your foot.