2 Solid Ways that Can Get You from a Handful to a Billion Followers on Twitter

So you recently created a Twitter account to help you increase sales for your product. And as you checked out your profile after 24 hours, you felt somewhat demotivated to continue upon seeing your follower count.

You have less than 10 followers.

Compared to other accounts with billions of followers, you feel so small. So, you start to worry. And you think it’s only reasonable.

Maybe. But it’s definitely not because your Twitter account is still in its infancy. You just have yet to apply certain marketing approaches.

Here are solid ways that can help increase your follower count.

#1 – Mind Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation is your image. So care for it wisely. From the beginning of your brand’s launch, be mindful of how you present yourself from that point onwards.

On Twitter, it’s best to post grammatically correct tweets of high quality. The community will have more respect for you this way.

To project professionalism, handle yourself like a professional.

Be careful of tweeting fake news, lame pictures, and other unreliable statements. Sometimes, people may use them to tarnish your reputation. And sometimes, these negative comments are all about bringing you down — just that and nothing more.

Other times, however, these negative comments point to an issue — and luckily, a fixable one. Constructive criticism is a thing, and you should be grateful for it.

So, hear these out and avoid taking a personal hit. Instead, focus on where they are pointing and then find a solution.

It’s best to be mindful of your reputation all the time. If you can’t deal with this on your own, hire an online reputation manager.

#2 – Use Twitter Bots & Tools

Doing this will help you create a plan and then follow through. You can use these automation tools to strategize for long-term.

These tools allow you to upload content and then publish the said content according to a schedule. With them, you can do the hustle within an hour and then plan a week’s worth of execution.

Consequently, you have a much better shot at keeping up with your image, gaining followers and likes, increasing traffic, and boosting conversions.

To get started, check out Fred Harrington’s blog. The whole blog itself features loads of useful articles about automation tools.

In one post, Fred talks about a list of the top Twitter bots. The list includes TweSocial, Tweet Attacks Pro, and Agora Pulse.

Final Thoughts

Getting from a low follower count to billions on Twitter is not easy. But it sure is doable. Just be diligent and adopt a growth mindset so you’ll grow, too.